Start Smart: Funding Toolbox

Need to understand the basics about lending and financing a small business? In this Start Smart, we'll cover what to expect from the bank and what the bank will expect of YOU. We'll discuss some of the most common ways to find funding - demystifying some of the types of financing that are available to startups - so you can make the right choice for your new business.

First Thursdays with the SBA

Grab your lunch and join us the first Thursday of each month to learn more about SBA programs and network with other small business owners.


November's Topic: Crowdfundning


Are Traditional funding sources not a fit for your business? Consider crowdfunding. Join us as we discuss how crowdfunding works, why it may work for you, and tips and tricks on how to be a successful crowd funder.  Finding revenue is one of the challenges for a project/idea/business. There are many options to help fund it. One option that may be the stepping stone to success is crowdfunding. Come in and learn if this is a possible funding stream for your future success. Maximized to the fullest use can mean more than money!


Key Takeaways:

-what is crowdfunding

-how can crowdfunding help you finance your business

-mistakes to avoid in your crowdfunding campaign


Speakers: Joey Pocan, Economic Development Specialist