Small Business Spotlight

Wine Knot?

When Pamela Weaver, Anita Crowder, and Marcie Walsh decided that they wanted to launch a business together, it took them a second to discover their perfect product.  After a few back-of-the-napkin sessions, they landed on the wine tasting space; specifically, a gamified and shame-free, fun-filled way to discover new BIPOC-owned wines.  And thus, Wine Knot? was born.

Four bottles of wine covered in a cardboard sleeve to conceal the label sit on a wooden table in a light filled room. Four small tasting glasses sit in front of the bottles of wine.

We are three former educators who decided it was time for a job that was fun. So we created Wine Knot?!  Unlike traditional wine tastings, our game introduces women and BIPOC winemakers directly to adventurous wine-lovers who want to explore new wines with friends and build their own palate, instead of relying on what experts say they should taste. When players discover wines they enjoy, they’re connected directly to the wineries’ websites to buy more wine. Our mission is to introduce, educate and elevate the reach of wineries owned by women and BIPOC entrepreneurs – like we are!.”

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